“A” is for AppleActiv DAPP

AppleActiv DAPP is farmed from 100% organic apple skins to provide significant digestive system support through a polyphenol rich blend of antioxidants, flavonoids, quercetin, triterpenoids, vitamins, and minerals.

AppleActiv’s wide range of health benefits include: Strong digestive system support, soothing stomach irritation, boosting the inflammatory system, reinforcing antioxidant defense, and helping to protect against oxidative stress. AppleActiv’s clean and natural powder makes it a perfect supplement to add to a variety of food and drink, including cereals, smoothies, yogurts, marinades, and more.

  • Free from gluten, dairy, additives, dyes, pesticides, synthetic vitamins, preservatives, and GMOs
  • Supports an active lifestyle with a nutritional profile that includes: Antioxidant flavonoids for anti-aging, ursolic acid for lean body mass, soluble fiber from pectin for weight control and the maintenance of blood glucose and cholesterol levels, and prebiotic insoluble fiber for healthy digestion
  • Polyphenol-rich powder that supports: Healthy joints, joint comfort, and a healthy range of motion
  • 12-15% pectin soluble fiber, helps to improve immune system strength and reduce cholesterol levels
  • Shown in a 12-week pilot study to help significantly improve antioxidant capacity and reduce joint pain in 4 weeks
  • Contains 6x the polyphenols and flavonoids as apple flesh
  • 100% organic, North American farmed apples

To learn more about AppleActiv DAPP please visit our Proprietary Ingredients page, or reach out to your Maypro representative.

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